Zoeva Opulence Palette

Zoeva Opulence Palette

Zoeva Palettes were one of the first pieces to be added to my collection. The Cocoa Blend still is in my top 5, no matter how many were added after it. When I saw the new Zoeva Opulence palette I knew I had to have it.

My thoughts

The first thing that caught my eye is the packaging. Zoeva palettes are all made the same. There’s a paper sleeve that covers a sturdy cardboard palette, 2 rows of 5 eyeshadow pans each, no mirror. But they all have a different print. And the print on this one is just gorgeous, with the black background, flowers and gold design.

The quality of the actual eyeshadows came as no surprise to me, as they never disappointed me in the past. Each shadow is incredibly pigmented and smooth. Even the blue shadow, which usually seems to be a struggle to get right, I was able to pack on my lid to the same vibrancy that shows in the pan, with just a pat. The only colour I’m disappointed in is Get Your Glory. It’s the burgundy colour and the only matte of the palette. When applied and blended it looks nothing like it looks in the pan, and that’s incredibly disappointing as it’s the shade I wanted the most. Instead, it turns into a deep purple. Still beautiful and blendable and pigmented but sadly not what I was expecting.

Zoeva opulence palette

As I mentioned, in this palette there’s only one matte shade and it’s a deep one. So, I would not recommend this palette if you’re looking for a ‘do it all palette’ as I always prefer to use matte shadows in my looks, at least for the crease. But if, like me, you have matte shadows to spare then this palette is a great collection of quality shimmers to complete any look you might think of.

Have you tried this palette?