Yet another ColourPop Haul

Colourpop haul

Yes, yes… I gave in yet again! There’s something about ColourPop that (no matter the customs process and taxes) makes it impossible not to. Maybe is the cheap prices, maybe the fact that I like everything I’ve ever gotten. Or maybe is the insane color selection.

This is my biggest order to date. I actually went through every product on the site and picked what I liked the most. Most of them are bestsellers that just made me feel I was missing out on something if I didn’t add to my cart.

Colourpop haulEYES

First thing first, the Yes Please Palette is the sole reason I was planning my order. Obviously, since I have to order from the US then I might as well make the order count. Even though I got the palette I really wanted to extend my single eyeshadow collection. Stay Golden (now discontinued) is one of the top selling shades and looked different enough from what I already own. Checkmate (now discontinued) just called my name, as I have been loving mint colors lately, especially pastel ones. Curious to see how this one performs, but it is a unique piece in my collection for sure.

Colourpop haul

Another product I have gotten and love in the past are the Super Shock Shadows. I especially think they’re great to just quickly apply over the lid with my fingers and look like you tried. So I got two neutral shades for that purpose which are Cornelious (discontinued) and Brady. La La is one I always wanted to try and is one of the top selling of the brand. And given my obsession with copper, it was a no-brainer. Last is Shop (discontinued) , which just looked like a super fun shade to play with.


Of course, I couldn’t go without getting lip products. I tried my best to not go to the same formulas and try something I never tried before. Even though I have heard a great deal about the lip pencils but never gotten around to buying them. Aquarius it’s a neutral that I figured I would get a lot of use out of and Bossy for my signature red lip. I love berry lips but I don’t think I have enough (I probably do). Mirror, Mirror (discontinued) just looked like a great one.

See, I have a slight obsession with their Lippie Stix, and I might be planning on collecting all of them. Another one I have been hearing a great deal about is Cami. Along with that, I got Brink and Tootsi (now discontinued), since apparently, I was in a major nude mood at the time. Last of the Lippie Stix is Trust Me, which I have been wanting to get for a while. It is an amazing red and I can never get enough of those.

The Ultra Blotted Lip is another product I haven’t gotten the chance to try yet. And Zuma was the shade I have been eyeing since it released. The only Ultra Satin I got is Aquarius (discontinued). Again, I needed nudes. Last but not least, since I have been opening up to glossy options, I decided I might as well try the Ultra Glossy Lips. Once again, I got Aquarius, just because it looks like it would be my perfect nude. Finders Keepers (discontinued) is a pinkier nude, super pretty nonetheless. I am a matte lip girl, but these might have converted me for good.

What are your favourite ColourPop products?

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