Worst of Kiko Milano

Worst of Kiko Milano

As much as I love Kiko and their products, like any other brands they have products that I just can’t get behind. Usual disclaimer: if something doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t mean that it can’t for you. There are so many people in the world and we’re all so different, there’s no doubt each of us is going to like different things. The reason I love reading and watching this kind of videos and posts is because I find interesting hearing the motivations. Actually, it often means I’m intrigued to try the products myself. Example: if someone with oily skin says: this foundation is too dewy, you can bet I’m going to jump on that. So if I’m going to list a product that you love it’s fine. With that being said, here are the products that I’ve tried to love so many times, but keep on failing me.

Unlimited Foundation

This foundation has been such a disappointment. First of all, I find it incredibly hard to blend. On their website, it claims to be hydrating and nourishing without being heavy. I’m actually going to say it’s the opposite. My skin dries out even more every time I wear this, guaranteeing a cake effect. Not only that, it starts breaking off in random spots after only a few hours. For it being so heavy I would think that it would be full coverage at the very least. But my few spots and discoloration always manages to peek through. I thought I got a dud, reading all the good reviews, I even got another one, but still the same. I honestly think that oily skin types are going to appreciate this product so much more than I ever could.

Worst of Kiko Milano

New Unlimited Stylo

Why in the hell they thought it was a good idea to ditch the old formula I’ll never know. The old Stylo was smooth and creamy and super matte. Sure, it became incredibly dry after a while but was comfortable for hours before getting to that point. That’s why when I saw the new line I was super excited to try it. I was convinced they would only slightly tweak them to make them more comfortable. This is my biggest makeup disappointment to date. As soon as you apply them they start to flake off. They’re so dry every time I tried to give this lipstick a chance I had to take it off immediately. If that wasn’t enough, although beautiful, the packaging is so impractical. The cap never clicks, it can’t be stored vertically like I prefer, and the shade is displayed on the side of the cap, which I can’t see at a glance.

Dark Circle Tone Eraser

This concealer is like tinted water. Actually, tinted water has a better chance to leave some colour behind. After everything is blended out, It feels and looks like nothing was ever there. If anything my bags feel even more accentuated. Whenever I apply concealer on top it makes it break up.

Eyebrow Marker

I usually know better than getting anything with a felt tip, but I thought maybe eyebrows would be different. Not only do I struggle to get the slightest pigmentation on my face, but when it’s there it gets completely lifted off by the next stroke. In the end, I’m left with patchy uneven brows, and I’m not about that life. On the bright side, it’s kinda nice to make fake freckles.