What to do at home: how to survive quarantine

what to do at home

So you’re stuck at home. If you’re any normal person you’re already bored out of your mind. If you’re me, it’s just another day in my life. Hi, I’m Erika and I’m an introvert. I’ve been training for this my whole life. And it’s time to share my knowledge.

Binge TV Shows and movies

This one is obvious. Relax and maybe get some popcorn. Watch that series you’ve been wanting to take on. Maybe that one that has 11 seasons and it would take too much time to finish. Guess what? Now you got time. Or you can rewatch old favourites. Now that Disney+ is available here there’s an ongoing Marvel marathon at my house. And I’m loving every second of it.

Read books

We all have at least one unread book sitting on the bookshelf, right? Just go ahead and read it. Read them all and don’t know what’s next? Head on Goodreads, get some recommendations and download on any e-reader you might have or have them delivered.

Explore new hobbies and skills

Now it’s the perfect time to invest in yourself. There’s probably something you’ve always wanted to do but are always too busy or tired to do. The internet is a wonderful place for silly stuff but is also filled with useful information. Whatever you’d like to do there’s probably at least a 1000 YouTube tutorials on it. If you need something more curated, I really like Skillshare. Whenever you sign up you have a 2 month trial period, and you can cancel anytime. So now’s the time can soak up all that knowledge completely for free.

Cook and bake

This might fall under the hobbies and skills, but since you probably gotta do it anyway might as well put some more time and thought into it, right? It doesn’t have to be MasterChef levels, you know what I mean? Just try new stuff, you might discover some new staples. I’m on my 3rd banana bread this month and I have no regrets. Looking for recipes? Pinterest really is your friend for this one.

Clean up your house and reorganize

You know, cleaning might not be the most fun thing to do, but you can make it fun. Just throw some music, a podcast or even an audiobook and get to work. Light up some candles, decorate and remove all the clutter. In the end, having a clean and organized place will help make you actually want to spend time in the house. I promise.

Connect with your friends

Even if you’re not supposed to be with other people you can still socialize. Technology is awesome. You can probably play all sorts of board games in videogame version. Hell, you can even watch movies together. This Chrome extension allows you to synchronize with your friends whatever you’re playing on Netflix so you’re watching the same thing at the same time.

Pamper yourself

This is a difficult situation for all of us. Don’t feel like you have to be productive all the time. Or at all. Don’t stress yourself out. Do what you feel like doing and take it easy. Draw a bath, have a 20 step skincare routine, drink wine, do whatever the fuck makes you happy.