We Makeup Haul


My life has become a cycle of constantly opening boxes of new makeup. It’s not rare that I have hauls to share, but most times I rather try the things before posting about them. But when I got this package I so pleasantly surprised by how every single detail was curated that I just had to share.

The products I’m talking about are from We Makeup. I only recently discovered this brand. They’re based in Italy, and they’re a pretty new brand but they have years of experience in the field. I believe they have produced products for other brands for a long time before they decided to put their own label. They give me young fun vibes. Honestly, they remind me of ColourPop, not only because they have fun colour selections but also because their packaging is very cute. They also have really affordable prices too.

My order came in this really cute box. Just seeing this I knew every little detail of what was inside was going to be curated to the max. Everything I ordered was inside this tiny box. Most times when you order online, you get this huge box for just two tiny products and inside it’s filled with plastic so that nothing breaks. This time everything was placed with Tetris like precision and the little extra space filled with paper confetti stripes, so no unnecessary plastic was wasted. [/two_third_last]

Ever liquid lipsticks

The brand is best known for their liquid lipsticks, the Ever lipsticks. Their products are all named with different English words, so in each of their pacakaging, they have a quote that includes said word. The selection on this product is amazing, ranging from nudes to reds for every taste and crazy fun colours that were obviously made for me. Another cute detail of this packaging is the lip cutout on the side, so the colour peeks through. I might keep the boxes, they’re so cute.

The bottle has a frosted effect, but I noticed it’s easy to scratch off. I’m surprised by how much product is inside, there’s product even under the cap. The applicator is long and flat. It’s not my favourite, but it’s not awful either. The formula looks ok, I can already tell it’s definitely not the worst I’ve tried. It’s a bit drying but there aren’t many liquid formulas around that aren’t. The darker shades don’t seem to apply too patchy, which is great.


As eyeshadows

The other products I got are their new As eyeshadow. You can buy them singularly, in a prepackaged palette or create your own customised one, which is the option I chose. The single shadow come singularly packaged in this plastic blister and the label is the same colour as the shadow. It resembles a pill packaging. Honestly, everything is just so cute.


I chose to customize the 15 shadow palette since I wanted to try a variety of colours and formulas. The palettes have square cutouts for the singles to fit in and a hole behind so they can be popped off when needed. I think there’s a magnet on the sides though because the pans don’t move unless they’re pushed. Going back to the little details that I love so much, the mirror on the palette has “You are beautiful <3” printed on it. The different formulas are matte, shimmer and duochrome. The mattes look fairly pigmented and smooth, the shimmers really creamy. I still haven’t tried them on the eyes though. I’m really curious to try the greens because they’re very difficult to formulate in my opinion. If those are good, then all the other colours are going to be great.


I love discovering new brands, especially when they’re local. I’m so happy that I decided to order and I know I will again in the future. The passion and love for makeup this brand has really shows through in every product they put out and I can’t wait to see what’s next. They are currently having sales on every product on their site, so if you’re interested in anything now it’s the time!

What I got

Ever Liquid Lipsticks

  • 33 Momotombo Ruby
  • 91 Sangay Seaweed
  • 92 Kolumbo Peacock

As Eyeshadow (pictured left to right)

  • 102 (Nude Matte)
  • 112 (Nude Matte)
  • 115 (Nude Matte)
  • 119 (Nude Matte)
  • 130 (Color Matte)
  • 140 (Color Matte)
  • 142 (Color Matte)
  • 144 (Color Matte)
  • 147 (Color Matte)
  • 200 (Shimmer)
  • 206 (Shimmer)
  • 307 (3D Metal)
  • 310 (3D Metal)
  • 401 (Duochrome)
  • 404 (Duochrome)