Two from Hank & Henry

Two From Hank and Henry Lip Lustre Gloss Duh One My Alter Ego Eye Kit The Temptress

Hello Word! Today I’ll be showing you two products from this indie brand that I’ve been eyeing for a bit now: Hank and Henry. Like most new brands you’re going to see on this blog in the upcoming weeks, this brand was recently picked up by BeautyBay, hence I had the opportunity to get my hands on it for the first time ever. At the time I’m writing the only products they have there are the lipglosses and the eyeshadow kits. The only other product the brand has is liquid lipsticks and they just launched them, so they’re not on the site yet. So without further ado let’s get into the products!

Two From Hank and Henry Lip Lustre Gloss Duh One
Two From Hank and Henry Lip Lustre Gloss Duh One

Lip Lustre Gloss – Duh One

Two From Hank and Henry Lip Lustre Gloss Duh One

The Lip Lustre Gloss comes in beautiful packaging that is made to resemble a rolled up bullet lipstick. I think it’s a really clever idea and really cool to look at, but the first thing that came to mind was: how much product is in here? In fact, most of the tube is clear, space for the product is really cut down. The wand has a cute triangle (or heart?) shape. I don’t have problems with it as far as application goes. But the suction wipes most of the product out when you pull out the wand. So I actually have to dip in multiple times to get the amount I want, which is a little bit annoying.

The actual formula is really good, it’s not sticky at all. The glitters inside are so fine you can’t even feel them. It can be used alone or as a lip topper. When it’s used on its own it doesn’t settle weirdly into dry spots or lines. I wouldn’t expect a lip gloss to be harsh on the lips anyway, but the product feels hydrating. The consistency is on the thicker side, which doesn’t help with the dipping problem as I don’t feel it spreads easily. But it doesn’t feel heavy in any way. It has a spearmint scent, which unfortunately I’m not a really big fan of, but goes away fairly quick anyway.

I don’t know if I’d purchase more as I feel I would get the same quality and more quantity with other lipglosses. But if they come out with a really unique shade I’d definitely check them out.

My Alter Ego Eye Kit – The Temptress

Two From Hank and Henry My Alter Ego Eye KitTwo From Hank and Henry My Alter Ego Eye Kit The TemptressTwo From Hank and Henry My Alter Ego Eye Kit The Temptress

The My Alter Ego Eye Kits are a really cool concept. Each has two compartments: one for the pressed shadows and one for the loose pigment. In the first, along with the mirror on the lid, we find one Magi Matte eyeshadow and either a Pressed Pearl eyeshadow or Lustre Veil highlighter. The kit I have, The Temptress has the Pressed Pearl eyeshadow so I can’t give you my thoughts on the highlighter. In the bottom compartment, we find the Lustre Light Loose Pearls, which is the loose pigment.

Two From Hank and Henry My Alter Ego Eye Kit The Temptress

The shades in each kit obviously go really go well together but are also meant to be layered and mixed with each other to create different looks and finishes.

The packaging is super cute and sturdy. The bottom section gets a little messy with the pigment and glitter, but that’s the nature of loose pigment, right?

Two From Hank and Henry Lip Lustre Gloss Duh One My Alter Ego Eye Kit The Temptress

The Magi Matte eyeshadow is a solid matte shadow. Beautiful pigmentation. It blends great into other shadows, and you can get it to blend into bare skin pretty easily. Since it’s not a really dark shade I tried using alone and see how far it’d go. But I’d prefer using lighter transition shades in the future as it looks a little harsh. It feels dry and powdery but has no fallout and goes on smoothly. 

With the Pressed Pearl eyeshadow, I had a bit of an issue. At the touch feels really creamy, which is why I thought I could treat it as a normal shimmer shadow. But when I go to apply it on top of another powder or I layer it on itself it looks really powdery and doesn’t stick down. When I treat it like a pigment though, so if I use a wet and/or sticky base or even a glitter glue, it performs a lot better and doesn’t even need to be layered to look amazing. In the pictures, I used it on the outer part of the lid. It was my first time trying it so I didn’t realize that it needed extra care. You can clearly see it’s barely there and looks very dull. When used with a wet element sticks a lot better and has a foiled effect.

The loose pigment is on the bottom half of the box, in its own separate section. The pigment is actually a lot less messy to apply as I thought it would be. With proper glitter glue, it just sticks down and stays in place and there’s very little fallout when applying as well, surprisingly.

I’d love to check out more colours of the My Alter Ego Eye Kits. They seem to have really great colors and combinations I’m interested to try

Overall these are solid products, great formulas and thought out packaging. I’m really excited to see what this brand has in store for us in the future.

Have you tried anything from this brand? What did you think?