TV Junkie Gift Guide

tv junkie gift

I think we all have that one friend that has watched every TV series (sometimes more than once) and is truly addicted. In my case, I’m that friend. And everyone always says to me: we know what you like, but what am I going to get you? a month of Netflix? Well, my friend here is your answer.

I recently stumbled upon these Friends T-Shirts and Sweaters at Stradivarius and I couldn’t help myself. Friends is my all time favourite series, as many other people’s and graphic tees are really on trend right now, so I think every one is going to appreciate! If you’re in the US, another really cute t-shirt idea is this Stranger Things one from Target.

Mugs are always a useful gift. You can find cute ones pretty much everywhere (Etsy especially). But these heat changing Game of Thrones mugs are the coolest in my opinion.

For something a little more original I think candles are going to be a big hit. In the Wick of Time has so many TV/Movie/Book inspired candles and they all sound amazing. I mean, they have a Mother of Dragons candle that supposedly smells like Dragon’s blood, vanilla musk and coriander! If dragon blood isn’t the scent of choice, though, there also are Once Upon a Time, Sherlock and Gilmore Girls inspired ones. I always wondered what Sookie’s Kitchen smells like.

If all else fails, Funko Pops are one of my favourite things to receive. Even if you’re not a collector they are such a cute and fun decor item. I fill my bookshelf with them and I even have one on my desk at work (to cheer me up on one of those days). The struggle is choosing which character to get because they literally have at least one series for every TV Show (and movie). I’m currently onto this Eleven duo.