The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

urban decay naked heat palette

I have to admit, when I first saw this palette I was in love. Then I didn’t care for it. Then I was in love again. And then I convinced myself I didn’t need. Then…

What made me love this palette is obviously the shade selection, as well as the matte to shimmer ratio. I will always prefer warm tones to cool any day. Which brings me to buy any warm palette and eyeshadows I come across. Therefore I became really hesitant on buying yet another all warm palette. I only own another product from the Naked line, the Naked Ultimate Basics, because all the other ones were always boring to me. In all honesty, I loved the concept of the Ultima Basics but found myself a bit disappointed with the quality of the shadow. I find blending to be incredibly difficult when I use them and most times they just settle in unwanted places. So there’s another reason why I had doubts about the Naked Heat.

I’m so glad to tell you that the two palettes appear to have different formulas. The shadows are so much smoother and creamy, both at the touch and in brush application. The pigmentation is beautiful, I only had to swipe once on my arms to get perfect swatches (unlike some people let to believe when the first swatches were published). Only the two dark matte shades resulted slightly patchier, but I didn’t notice any inconsistency in the actual application on the eye. Every shade blends with minimal effort. The Shimmer shades apply a lot better with a finger or a wet brush. Otherwise, they’re not as foiled and appear a little underwhelming for me personally.

I’ve heard people complain that most shades look the same. I don’t agree with that. They’re obviously very similar but not too much that you could use one instead of the other. Each of them is essential to building up the intensity. There isn’t much variety in terms of looks that can be created with it, which is expected as it’s intended to be a basics palette. My favourite shades are Cayenne, which is the perfect name for it because all I think when I look at it is spice, and Lumbre which is a beautiful red with rose gold reflects. The ones I like the least are En Fuego and Ashes just because they are slightly patchy and En Fuego goes on more purple than red like it looks in the pan.

Urban Decay Naked Heat

The packaging is absolutely stunning, pictures don’t do it justice. It’s a tad bulky but sturdy. That’s because there’s an extra layer at the top for the tridimensional effect. I have to admit the packaging played a big part in deciding to purchase and I was even happier to see how much more beautiful it is in person.

Overall I think this is a great everyday palette, with great spicy neutrals for people that like to be bolder, but still not too bold for the day and for the night. I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. I’ve definitely been struggling to keep my makeup work appropriate and staying true to my edgier style. Especially since the shadows are so easy to blend it should be perfect for getting ready quickly.

Did you pick up the palette? What do you think of it?