The perfect lip care duo for winter

lip care duo for winter

Winter is here. And with that the cold that sucks the life out of my lips every damn year. But this year I come prepared, with the perfect lip care duo. With this combo my lips are more ready than they’ve ever been before. I use these products every morning and evening and I’m happy to say my lips haven’t been chapped since the temperatures have started lowering. Which, believe me when I tell you, is a first for me.

Lush Lip Scrub

First, the Lush lip scrub. This product exfoliates the lips, getting rid of all the dead skin that is just sitting there. The reason I like this so much is because it has moisturizing proprieties as well. So it is effective but still gentle on the lips as a scrub can be. Unlike many other scrubs I tried that ended up splitting my lips. After a quick rub, the lips are left smooth and moisturised, ready for whatever is next. Plus each flavour is oh so delicious.

Nuxe Reve de Miel balm

Next is a new discovery from me, the Nuxe Reve de Miel balm. It is designed to repair and protect so it was an instant favourite for me. In combination with the Lush scrub, the cold just has no chance. The consistency is a little thick, but I don’t actually mind as long as it makes me feel like my lips are protected. Honey is one of the main ingredients and not only is it a great ingredient but makes the balm smell so yummy. It reminds me of my favourite candy when I was a kid so bonus points for that.

Have you ever tried these products?