The MAC Powder Kiss Lipsticks


I have to be honest, MAC isn’t really a brand that excites me when it comes to new releases. But when I saw they were coming out with this formula I did squeal with excitement. The Powder Kiss lipsticks are inspired by that effortless soft blur lip that you often see on runways. Me being that person that hates lining my lips on a day to day basis (I take way too much time because they are uneven) and always tries to achieve that blotted look, I was beyond ready to get my hand on these.


This formulation comes in the classic MAC lipstick tube, but it has a rubberized finish. The lipstick itself looks like the most matte and velvety lipstick. I didn’t even read their description, so when I tried them I did expect the beautiful matte blurred effect.

But what I did not expect was the feeling of this product on the lips. MAC claims this is a “moisture matte weightless lipstick” formula and that’s precisely what it is. The Powder Kiss Lipsticks do feel like a hydrating balm, they’re that comfortable. The blurred effect is not immediate, they do apply with a sharp edge but smoothing is easy is seamless either with a finger or with a brush. To have such weightless formula, something else has got to give. Because of that and fact that they offer such a smooth blotted effect they do wear off quite easily. After a couple of hours of wear, they do start to fade off, but the fading is uniform. And since the formula is so light, touching up a couple of times a day doesn’t affect how these feel at all.

The MAC Powder Kiss lipsticks, just like I expected, have taken over my everyday routine. It’s going to be a while before I’ll replace them, I’m sure. To start my collection I decided to pick up a nude, Impulsive and this gorgeous spicy brick red, Devoted to Chili. But I know I’m going to add more next time I stop by MAC.