Trying the New KIKO Metal Lipstick

Kiko metal lipstick

One of my biggest complaint about the KIKO brand has always been the fact that they never really ventured much on trends or crazy colourful makeup. But lately, I have seen a big shift from them. From innovative collections and crazier shades added to their permanent lines.


KIKO Metal Lipstick

I have to be honest, I’m not that much into the metallic lip trend. But of course, I just had to give it a shot. And this is the perfect product to test, as it’s really inexpensive at 5,95€ each (and since it’s sale season it’s discounted, even if it’s new!!). The shade range is amazing, with 12 shades from the neutral colours to the greens and the blues. I opted for the shade Dark Mauve (07), but restraining to just one was tough. This is a beautiful plum shade with multicoloured glitter, but mostly red, for a reflective effect.

KIKO Metal Lipstick

Each one I tried went on a bit sheer at first, but can be built to full coverage with an extra layer. The finish is a mixture between pearly and metallic. They contain fine glitter but it’s imperceptible and doesn’t stick around once you remove the lipstick. The texture is super smooth and creamy in despite the glitter. The product is not any less comfortable than any other cream lipstick.

KIKO Metal Lipstick

Are you going to try this new line from Kiko?

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