The essence fresh and fit awake make-up foundation reviewed

The essence fresh and fit awake make-up foundation reviewed

Hello World! Today I’ll be talking about one of essence newest product: the essence fresh and fit awake make-up (that’s a long name) foundation. For me, essence is a hit or miss brand. As in, a product is either makes my top favourites list or I absolutely hate it. I only ever tried one other foundation from the brand and… let’s just say it didn’t go well.

But on this new foundation, I was instantly sold on the claims. I mean, hello, “wakes up skin”, “healthy look” and “smooth complexion” essence are you talking to me? I’ve been using it for the past few months and here’s everything I have to say about it!


I’m not very picky in terms of packaging, but you’ll see me freak out over a foundation pump. And if essence can do it for like, 6€? The bar has been raised. No more excuses. And it’s not a cheap pump either, it never gave me any problem. The bottle itself is glass, which can be a turn off for some people as it makes the actual product heavier. But it makes the product feel sturdy and, again more expensive than what it actually was.

Coverage and shade selection

As per usual, the shade selection is, sadly, awful. I can forgive a small shade variety from small and/or cheaper brands, but the range should be more inclusive. I seriously hope they can expand this line soon. As far as coverage goes, I fully agree with the medium claim. I can sheer it out for a slightly lighter coverage or build up to conceal small problem areas if needed.

The formula

The formula is a thicker liquid, almost gel-like. When applied it sets rather quickly, so powders can be applied smoothly on top. The finish is absolutely gorgeous. It gives the skin a natural healthy look and makes it look smoother. My skin glows, not in a sweaty kind of way, but the way I imagine it’d look if I drank a lot of water and didn’t need as much moisturizer as it does now. Which is exactly what I always look for since I tend to have really dry skin.

The wear is really comfortable, I hardly feel anything on my face as I the formula is lightweight and especially breathable. It does have a really good last as well. I wear it to work almost every day and I usually end the day with a solid base still. When it starts fading, it does gradually and it doesn’t look patchy. I really do find that the formula is hydrating, which is why my skin agrees with it so so well.

This is probably the first time I agree with all the brand’s claims on a product. I just have been really loving this formula ever since I got it. Yet another product essence can be proud of, in my opinion.

Have you tried the foundation? What did you think?