Suva Beauty Hydra Liners


Hey! Today I have a really fun product to talk about: the Suva Beauty Hydra Liners. To be honest I hadn’t heard anything about these or the brand before. I don’t even know how I found them out, but I’m pretty sure I was on BeatyBay “Just Dropped” page (per usual) and I saw them and I just decided to try them out.

Hydra what?

So what are the Suva Beauty Hydra Liners and what makes them so different from other liners, you say? Well, first of all: the formula. These are potted liners that are completely dry. You activate them, as the name suggests, with water. I’ve seen people doing this in different ways. Some want to use setting sprays, some apply the liquid directly in the pot. But while doing some research I stumbled upon the brand’s official channel where the owner gives specific instructions on how to do everything.


So: you’re supposed to use water and water only. You put a drop or how much you want on the cap, dip your brush and then bring the brush into the pot where you activate a small section.

You’re going to mix with water until you have on the brush what feels like the right consistency. There’s no right way to do this. Since you are the one doing the mixing you can control the actual formula however you like. Of course, the more water the runnier and sheerer the product will be. Vice versa the less water the denser the mixture, with the possibility of it cracking or not having a smooth application. This is not something that will be perfect on the first try and it definitely takes practice. For me, it’s where most of the fun lies in though. While this may be a con for some people it has its pros. Rarely eyeliners, especially colourful ones, are as pigmented and as smooth as you could get these.

What I realised worked for me is wetting the brush completely and dripping the excess water. Then go back if it needs a little more water, but if I make sure I pick up the product in a small area the first time should be enough.

Dance Party


Even if the mixing can be a bit tricky I feel like the water activation makes them completely mouldable during application. You could layer because the wet product you’re putting on top reactivates what’s underneath and makes it all come together.
If you mess up one part a wet cotton bud can easily erase mistakes or clean up lines without too much hustle. For example, when I first tried these the mixture ended up a little too dense and once it dried out it looked crackly.

If it were any other liner I would have had to start over. Instead, I took the brush back up, only picked up a bit of water and went over the cracked parts. This smoothed everything over in an instant.

After all that, they go back to being dry. Since they’re supposed to stay dry they last longer unlike gel liners that once they dry out they can’t be used anymore.

Space Panda

I do find glides a bit better on bare skin but could work with primers and powders. Can be used with any brush really, but I find tiny liner brushes like these are better especially for precision work. The fact that water activates it, of course, means that it’s not waterproof. The shades I tried are Space Panda and Dance Party. Dance Party is actually the Hydra FX formula, which works the same way but it’s neon colours that glow under UV blacklight. Overall, I really think that this is a really cool and innovative product. It has its as many pros as cons. In my case, I find it easier to create certain shapes and to create looks specifically for content purposes. I don’t know if I would use it to go out and about (I definitely won’t in this instant sweat heat).

Have you tried the Suva Beauty Hydra Liners?