My Summer Lip Picks

summer lip picks

If you talked to me last year, I would have told you I’d only wear liquid lipsticks, no matter the season. I would have opted for what people call “Fall colours” as well. But somehow, this year I’m all about a fresh easy lip. The key words for summer for me are hydration, low maintenance and fast application.

Summer Lip Picks

A recent discovery has been the Kiko Milano Jelly Stylo in Rosy Mauve. These lipsticks give a lovely wet glossy finish. Think of this a very pigmented lip gloss on a stick. The same criticism I have for the matte Stylo in my “Worst of Kiko” post goes for this one, as they have the same packaging, although they fixed the identification problem with a coloured sticker. Another thing I’m willing to look past is the taste. It is disgusting but doesn’t linger for more than a few minutes, so I’m not too bothered. Would greatly appreciate if it was fixed though.

An old favourite formula, is the clear 3D Hydra Gloss, still from Kiko. I’ve been loving throwing this on top of other lipsticks or pencils, but even more on its own. It is the perfect finishing touch on a glowy no-makeup makeup.

This Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick by Maybelline (Rebel Red) I only just rediscovered. As I said, I always opt for matte and even though the name suggests otherwise, this is far from matte. The formula is thick with a lacquer like finish. It does lose shine after a while, but only long into the day. It’s easy to apply and it only takes one swipe to get to full pigmentation.

My trusted NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is a must for every season. It is my perfect nude and even if it’s matte it’s not even one bit drying. Easy to apply, fades away nicely. When glossy isn’t an option and I can’t be bothered to worry about my lipstick getting caught in my hair, this is my number one choice.

Now, I did say I was trying to stir away from mattes, but Mars from ColourPop just screams summer to me. This is the old formula so it’s really drying, but with a balm underneath I can limit the damage. Not for the whole day for sure, but a fun summer colour to play with on many other occasions.

Which lipsticks are you using this Summer?