Summer Fashion and Beauty Wishlist

Summer Fashion and Beauty Wishlist

I’m a shopaholic, not gonna lie. There’s always something I’m planning on spending my money on. I can always find a reason for which I would need the stuff I set my eyes on. Today I’m sharing with you those items and the (not so) very important reasons my brain made up in order for me to feed my constant need of spending.


I’ve found myself not wanting to wear foundation on a day to day basis. The laziness in the early morning is definitely a factor. But even if I had the will I would find that, with the heat we’ve been experiencing lately, it would melt off soon after. I’ve always been lucky with my skin, as I’ve never had many issues. So, skincare has never been a priority for me and I never stick with a routine. Now that I’m showing my skin every day, I’m a lot more motivated to put in the serious work and venture into some products that are not from the drugstore.


Even if I went heavy on the makeup shopping lately, I just can’t keep from getting more. I’ve been venturing into high-end makeup a lot more, and some of these products I’ve heard great things about many times before. I still believe drugstore products can be just as good, and I’m constantly looking to try more.


Of course, any excuse is good to get new clothes. I’m the kind of person that would much rather be cold. So, of course, I haven’t been handling the heat very well. The flowier and lighter the items the better.