How to Style: Fishnet Tights

How to Style fishnet tights

As every other trend in fashion, fishnets are making a comeback. And a major one for that matter. Raise your hand if you can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without running into some sort of picture involving fishnets.

As cool as they may look, fishnets tights can be tricky to wear. Here is some outfit inspiration for anyone that wants to wear fishnets, without looking too grungy or too sexy.

Casual with Jeans/Pants

If you’re not feeling too daring, just wearing them under any long pant is enough to spice up any simple outfit. Pairing a short shoe, like a loafer, a sneaker or even a stiletto, gives the stocking a chance to peek through. The outfit gets instantly edgier without being too bold.

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Ripped Jeans

Another way to let the fishnet pattern peek through is with ripped jeans. If you don’t want to go too grungy, you can wear a softer, “girlier” top. One of my favourite colours for spring, pastel pink is always a good choice to soften every outfit.

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Thigh High Boots

To go even bolder, the tights look great with tall boots. This can definitely go on the sexier side. If you want to tone it down, you can always wear something oversized on top, to keep it more balanced.

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Skirt and Ankle Boots

There’s no better match with fishnets than leather skirts. To keep it casual and not overdo it, add a pair of ankle boots and a loose comfy top.

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