Sigma Dimensional Brushes

So, I’ve always been a beauty sponge kinda gal. Rarely I would pick up a brush to apply concealer and foundation. But something switched, I don’t know how I don’t know when. So I thought I’d pick up some new tools to do the trick. I was was able to try Sigma brushes but always heard great things about the brand in general. The shapes of the Sigma Dimensional Brush line intrigued particularly. There’s really nothing like these anywhere else.

These brushes are very dense. The bristles are really fine and there’s a ton in every single brush. Probably more than all my other brushes combined. They’re stiff enough to hold their shape but still really soft.

Sigma Dimensional Brushes F83 Curved Kabuki

F83 Curved Kabuki

This brush is really amazing for contours, bronzers, blushes and even highlighters. Its curved shape hugs perfectly the cheek, making the blending process quick and seamless. I prefer using this with creams, just because I’m used to fluffier brushes for powders but it’s also good with those. The trick with this one is picking up and applying the product with the lower side and use the higher side to blend everything out.

F87 Edge Kabuki

This one is one of my favourites. Its shape is triangular with a flat top that makes it incredibly easy to blend in areas that are usually difficult. Like the undereyes or the sides of the nose. What it’s also great at applying powder, especially for baking under contour as it has sharp long edges. It also has a little brother, the P87 Edge Precision which is a miniature version with the same shape.

Sigma Dimensional Brushes F87 Edge Kabuki

Sigma Dimensional Brushes P87 Edge Precision
Sigma Dimensional Brushes 4DHD Precision Brush
Sigma Dimensional Brushes 4DHD Kabuki Brush

4DHD Kabuki

With the most unique shape of the bunch, the 4DHD Kabuki is a pyramid shape brush that can do just about anything. The shape allows to work both in small or large areas just by regulating the angle in which you’re holding it. You can easily work with different products and textures, just by switching sides. One thing I would change is that I would make the base a little taller so that when I press the whole side on my face the metal doesn’t touch my face. This one has a tiny counterpart as well in the 4DHD Precision Brush.

3DHD Max Kabuki

What a nice surprise this brush was. I thought that I wouldn’t like it as much as I do, I thought it would be my list favourite. It has the fluffiness of a powder brush but the firmness of a kabuki. This is so huge that makes blending foundation so fast and easy, but with the way it’s cut it allows to blend into smaller areas like the sides of the nose and temples.

Sigma Dimensional Brushes 3DHD Max Kabuki