New from Anastasia Beverly Hills: Soft Glam Palette, Amrezy Highlighter and the Powder Bronzer

anastasia beverly hills soft glam palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills is probably my favourite high-end brand. Probably one of the first ones I’ve splurged my first paychecks on and not once have their products made me feel like I wasted my money.

Modern Renaissance will be my favourite palette forever and Subculture is a close second (yes, read my review here). But how do their newest products compare to these cult favourites?

anastasia beverly hills soft glam palette

The Soft Glam, I have to admit, didn’t appeal to me as much as its sisters. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful looking palette, but to me, it’s not as exciting. I am so glad I decided to get it anyway. The quality of the shadows is very comparable to the Modern Renaissance. The mattes blend like butter, still maintaining a high level of pigmentation and the shimmers are beautiful no matter how applied (fingers, brush, dry or wet). I don’t feel like this one suffers from kickback as much as the others. That never really bothered me anyway, though.

The shade range might feel a little boring, but it’s an amazing everyday palette, with a touch of glam. The name Soft Glam is just so fitting. My favourite shades are Dusty Rose, Rose Pink and Sultry.

The next one is the Powder Bronzer. I got in the shade Rich Amber. This one I love as well. I’ll always prefer face powders to be less pigmented than too pigmented. It’s so much easier to achieve a good look when the product can be built up rather than having something way too strong straight away. But sometimes I feel like some products take forever to show up. This product has just the right amount of pigment as it shows up straight away but it’s not too aggressive. It’s not patchy at all and always blends seamlessly. On the favourite bronzer list for sure.

anastasia beverly hills amrezy highlighter

Finally, the Amrezy Highlighter. I’m not her biggest fan, as in I follow her on IG and I think she’s beautiful but you won’t see me obsessing over her anytime soon. But this one I couldn’t miss, because finding a wet looking highlighter, even these days isn’t the easiest task. And those are my favourite kind. My biggest fear was that I would be too pale for it. That is actually not an issue at all. And I’ve seen such a diverse range of skin tones rocking this all over social media, which makes me so so happy that one shade managed to be so inclusive.

When I tried it for the first time it looked really glittery, which broke my heart. But now that I’ve used this with all kinds of brushes I can state that was just an isolated case with one very crappy brush. Thankfully. Every time I use it now it turns into the most beautiful wet looking, glowing highlighter. I honestly try not to wear it too much because I risk wasting too much time looking at my reflection everytime I do. It’s that good.

So, once again nothing but quality coming from ABH. At this point, I expect new favourites with every launch.

Did you try any of these products? Did you like them as much as I did?