NABLA Cosmetics the Matte Collection

NABLA Cosmetics the Matte Collection

Today I’m here to talk about the newest release from Nabla Cosmetics, the Matte Collection. Nabla is an Italian brand, you may have heard about their Dreamy and Soul Blooming palettes. Don’t get me wrong, those are amazing. But before any palettes, Nabla was rocking the single shadow game. And I’m glad to see they’re still rocking it with this new release.

This collection is all about Matte staple shades. I think each and every shade in this collection is a must in anyone’s collection. The shades are basic as in they’re simple versatile shades that can be used in every look. But not in the sense that we’ve seen these shades a million times and own about 10 different exact ones. Every shade in this collection has a uniqueness to it, that makes me feel like I don’t own anything like these shades. But at the same time, I don’t know how lived without them until now?

The formula

The formula is, just like every Nabla shadow that was ever created, just beautiful. I always say that I prefer less pigmentation if the intensity is going to compromise the performance. But these are the best of both worlds. Not only do these have an amazing payoff. They’re super intense and yet blend like a dream. But they also have absolutely no fall-out whatsoever. Definitely not patchy either. Can be layered over and over, even though you wouldn’t need to go that far because of how pigmented they are. I can’t fault them, honestly.

Maybe I’m alone in this but every time I try to use black shadow I end up having to wipe everything off. I feel like I have to be super careful, one wrong move and I end up wiping everything off. If I go with a heavier hand too quickly I’ll get a harsh line, and that will never be able to blend it out. If I manage to get the blend right, then the black on the lid doesn’t really look black. You get it, it’s quite the struggle, right?

Well… I manage to get the result I always wanted, I’m not joking, in less than 10 mins with Pitch Black and any light/medium shade in the palette. I pick the crease shade with a fluffy brush, blow it all out, build a little intensity in the crease. Slightly smaller brush, tap into Pitch Black, put in the crease and blend it all out. Like magic, it merged into the other shade and now they’re like one. Same brush, tap all over the lid and it’s BLACK. Boom. Perfect smokey eye. Just like that.

[L-R] Coconut Milk, Kids, Leon, Cinnamon, White Truffle, Capsize
[L-R] Artemisia, Verve, Chérie Shape, Poetry, Chiaroscuro, Pitch Black

some final thoughts

The fact this is the only shadow that has made a black smokey eye easy, to me, is a testament on how good the whole collection is. I mean, these are really foolproof. I’m really keen to see if they’re going to expand their line with bright and bold (matte) colours. It’s not necessarily Nabla’s style but I would pay for any colour of the wheel in their formulas.

Have you tried Nabla’s eyeshadows?