Nabla Cosmetics Haul

Nabla cosmetics haul

I was on a 5-minute break at work the other day and decided to check my emails. Only a few minutes earlier I received the Nabla Cosmetics newsletter. Every eye shadow is on sale and products from their new collection are discounted as well. My self-control was nowhere to be found and I made my order there and then (literally in 1 minute).

Items on sale

This is the second time I’m ordering from Nabla. I really loved the matte eyeshadow finish. So, of course, I had to get more. I have to admit I spaced out a bit and got some basic shades. Had I remembered I have the Shade and Light Palette from Kat Von D I probably would have gotten different shades. Nevertheless, the quality is great and I go through these shades really quickly, so it’s not a problem. These shades are Fossil, Wild Side and Nocturne. The first two are cool browns and the last a true black.

Nabla Cosmetics Haul

A shade I’ve been wanting for the longest time is Fahrenheit but it’s always sold out every time I check. Finding good red shades is super hard so I’m really happy that I finally got my hands on it. The last two shades are part of the new Freedomination collection. Eresia is a nice bright purple, and I figured I should get it since I don’t really own any purple shadows. Considering I have brown eyes and everyone says purple tones are the ones that compliment best the colour, this shade is a good place to start.

I am obsessed with the others duo chrome I own (Selfish and Absinthe), I just had to get another one. Alchemy has a beautiful pink base with purple and teal duo chrome reflexes. It’s absolutely stunning. I have to admit, the glitter flies around a little too much every time I touch these products, but I’m willing to overlook that since they’re so beautiful.Nabla Cosmetics Haul

A free gift!

They also sell empty magnetic palettes, but when you buy enough (refill) eyeshadows to fill on you get it for free. So I got 6 and I got the small one, if you buy 12 you would get the large size (same goes for face products). This one is the limited edition for the summer collection. The packaging is so gorgeous I can’t stop looking at it.

Dreamy Matte Liquid Lipstick

Of course, I couldn’t go through with the order without trying their new liquid lipsticks. For one, I am attracted to anything with rose gold packaging. And I won’t stop until I own every liquid lipstick formula ever. The shade Narcotic was in my cart up until the last second, but I ended up opting for just Kernel since I had no idea if I would like the formula. This is so far the most liquid formula I have ever tried. We’ll see how it compares to my favourite ones once it’s on my lips.

Nabla Cosmetics Haul
L-R: Nocturne, Alchemy, Eresia, Fahrenheit, Wild Side, Fossil, Kernel