MAC Face and Body Foundation: Trying cult products for the first time.

mac face and body

As of now, I’m not that new to the beauty world, but at the rate of new releases these days it’s hard to focus on anything but the new. That and the fact that here in Italy many things are just coming over and many are still impossible to get. I pray every day that I’ll be able to get my hands on Milk Makeup and Bite Beauty without hopping on a plane. Anyway, because we’re always after the new we sometimes forget about the classic. With this series I make my mission to try the products that have been holy grails for a long time in the community. First up: MAC Face and Body Foundation.

This formula has been raved about, but one thing I notice is that everyone that does rave never seems to have skin concerns. While I can’t say I’m extremely happy with my skin I can admit I don’t have it so bad. My skin is pretty much clear if we don’t consider that time of the month. I do have some scars because of pimples from the not so distant past and redness but that’s pretty much it. But to be honest I think everyone can benefit from this formula.


It is very lightweight with very light coverage. I know some people might prefer a higher coverage BUT. While the Mac Face and Body Foundation doesn’t cover too much, it makes everything look so uniform. It honestly looks so beautiful. Even with texture, it obviously doesn’t hide it but it makes it look a little less… eye-catching? The effect is skin-like, one wouldn’t say you’re wearing foundation (but if you weren’t they’d be asking you “are you okay? you don’t look very well today!”). It’s not heavy and can be layered as much as you want. What I like to do is a thin layer all over to uniform then go either with a second layer only on the areas that need a little more coverage or with some concealer.


This is the one foundation that I have no preference for how I apply. Brush, sponge or with fingers all work well. A brush allows it to have a little more coverage and requires more work to make it not look streaky, the sponge a little less coverage. Since it’s really watery and runny both ways absorb a lot of product. In fact, most people prefer using their hands so the product is spread quickly, evenly and with little waste.


While the finish is definitely dewy but I found it to be adaptive to what’s underneath. For example, I have really dry skin I don’t find this foundation adds too much moisture. If I apply directly on dry skin it pretty much stays looking dry. But if treat my skin before the product reflects the moisture and dewiness I just gave the skin. If I use an oil or something excessively oily trust it will shine through and look like an oily mess. So as long as you address your skin concerns and prep and balance the skin before application you’re good to go. Which I always do anyway. I don’t have oily skin or any mattifying products but my guess is that as long as you use a primer that controls the oil this could be still good for you. But don’t quote me on that cause I don’t have any way to prove this theory.


For being such a sheer foundation it stays on really nicely. The fading is uniform, doesn’t lift up in particular places (unless when I touch my face which is all the time but still doesn’t count). Over the past few months, it has become my go-to foundation for work, so I wear it daily. Makes my skin look good, it’s not too heavy. If it fades it doesn’t look crazy or patchy so I can go on about my day without worrying much. At the end of the day when I take off my makeup, I can still see the difference it makes.

Bare with my face as I show a little before and after. It’s too hot for me to be bothered with hair. Sorry, not sorry.

mac face and body
No makeup
mac face and body
First layer of Mac Face and Body
Second layer

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think?

mac face and body
MAC Face and Body Foundation
Skin-like finish
Somewhat messy application