Loving Lately Part 3

Loving lately

I think it’s about that time again I show you guys my latest favourites!

Beauty favourites

During the week I have very little time to get ready, and I’m out ’til dinner. It’s really rare that I spend too much time getting ready and when I do I hardly ever incorporate new products into the routine. One of the products that made it is the L’Oreal Life’s a Peach Blush. This product is perfect for summer, it’s a peachy coral shade with a little shimmer. It’s not super pigmented, which is why I really like it for an every day look. As I’m not wearing much makeup most days, it gives a flush of colour and a bit of luminosity but nothing too intense.

Another product I’ve been loving is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. Actually saying that I’m loving it is an understatement as it has quickly become one of all time holy grail favourite products. You can read all about this product and why I love it so much in my review here.

Random Favourites

Moving away from beauty, I want to talk about the two things that have been monopolizing my free time. I don’t know why it took me so long, but these past months I have discovered Panic! at the Disco. I mean, I have always known of the band and listened to songs here and there, but lately, it’s the only music I can listen to. I’m kicking myself for not exploring their discography sooner.

My obsession came just in time as well because the new album Pray for the Wicked released last month and it’s on loop in my long car rides to and from work.

And finally my pride and joy, my beautiful Nintendo Switch. I have been holding off buying this since it came out. I’m a massive Nintendo fan I knew I would have enjoyed this new console, unlike others (I’m looking at you, dusty PS4 that hasn’t been touched since it came out of the box…). So far I’ve only played with Zelda Breath of the Wild and that game is amazing. I’m playing every time I have the chance and I’ve done so much and there’s so much more left to do. I’m just so happy that it rekindled my love for videogames.

What have you been loving lately?