Loving Lately #2

loving lately: origins ginzing energy boosting gel moisturizer, wet n wild photo focus concealer, l'oreal lash paradise mascara, bourjois healthy mix gel serum, l'oreal botanicals safflower hair ointment

Hello World! For the longest time every time, I have planned to post my favourite products monthly, only to sit down and realise I don’t have enough to fill a post. So I decided, I’ll be doing them once I have a few products that I really love that have settled into my routine. Today it’s finally time to share with you all the products that I’ve been loving recently.

wet n wild photo focus concealer

This is not a recent favourite, but I had stopped using it for a while, just to give other products another chance. But I always go back to this. The reasons I love this so much are many. A little bit of product goes a long way. It’s long-lasting. The creasing is minimal. It’s full coverage. But still lightweight. And most importantly, it doesn’t cake up. Also, it’s probably the cheapest concealer ever. I honestly can’t fault it.

l’oreal botanicals safflower hair ointment

One year ago I decided I wanted grey hair. I trusted my hair stylist, and I shouldn’t have. So then I trusted another one. And another one… Long story short each contributed to frying my hair more and more each time. I’m not a hair person. I hardly ever style it or care for it in any particular way. But the condition my hair is now I would either have to wear a wig all the time or put some extra effort into it. Drugstore hair products are usually ‘meh’ but the whole L’Oreal Botanicals line I’m really enjoying. Especially the hair ointment, it makes my hair nice and soft, it doesn’t look and feel as broken and dry as it is. My favourite way of using it is on damp hair that I then let air dry. With this product, they’re not frizzy once dried and they don’t get dirty any quicker, which usually happens to me with products of this kind.

origins ginzing energy boosting gel moisturizer

I am obsessed with this moisturizer. I’m always reluctant to spend money on skincare (although I believe it’s really important) but I’m so so glad I picked this up. Especially because I’ve been using the tiniest amount of product every day, so the jar is still looking full. It absorbs really quickly and leaves my skin looking plump and glowing for the whole day. I have no issue wearing makeup on top if anything it goes on smoother. Oh, and the citrus scent is so lovely.

l’oreal lash paradise mascara

I’ll just say this: favourite mascara of all time. It adds so much volume to the lashes and a little bit of length, too. I wear this to work every day. By 8.00 in the morning I’m in the car and get back home by 7.30 and it’s always perfect, after all that time. I swear, no smudging, no flaking, nothing. The one I have it’s almost empty and that never happens, so that is saying a lot. I have to stock up before I run out completely

bourjois healthy mix serum

Lastly, we have yet another ‘going to work’ product. As I said I have a pretty long work day, so I need products that last. This foundation is very lightweight and super comfortable. By the end of the day, it’s obviously not perfect, but it’s only slightly faded and not in a patchy way. Even if it has a dewy effect on me, it never moves around or becomes too oily throughout the day like other dewy foundations do.