Life Update.


so where have I been?

All over the place honestly. So here’s my life update. Spoiler alert: adulting is hard. Honestly, these past months have been testing. But nothing major, don’t worry. I’m finally moving out of my parent’s place. My granddad years ago invested in three apartments (one for each of his daughters) and he and my mom are kind enough to let me stay in one. He used to rent them out but as he and my grandma aged it became extremely difficult for them to take care of the apartments. Without care, the property has suffered and has needed a lot of work to become liveable again. Thankfully a while has passed since I had to clean out all the bugs, so let’s just not revisit that. The job wasn’t major but some we were able to do ourselves on the weekends, others have left hefty bills to be paid.

Everything kept going wrong. Ikea orders kept messing up orders. Carriers kept losing packages. TVs arriving broken. Contractors kept asking for money. I just now managed to get an internet connection and it’s the slowest ever. Anxiety levels: through the roof.

But now that I’m here we can keep fixing the other apartments faster and we’ll be able to rent them out soon since I’m within reach and I can keep a closer eye if needed. My only regret? I was so eager to make the place look pretty that I haven’t taken proper “before” shots!

What now?

My life has been half-packed away this whole time I found impossible to blog and take pictures. Now that I finally have my own place all for myself and everything is to my taste I feel so inspired to create again. I can’t wait till I can start spending money on makeup again instead of housework honestly! Not that I haven’t I have been able to hold off completely but still… I have so much content planned and there’s still much more left to plan (did you see all the new hydrating foundations that brands are releasing??). So stay tuned as I go back to regularly scheduled programming