KIKO Liquid Lipstick: Instant Colour Liquid Lip

KIKO Liquid Lipstick

That’s right! After the longest time ever Kiko finally released their version of the ever so popular liquid lipstick. For the past few years, liquid lips have been all the rage. It looked like everyone and their mother were realising their own formula every day. But not KIKO. And I kept waiting and waiting… And the other day, surprise surprise, there they were sitting pretty inside one of the KIKO stores.

Have to be honest, I feel like it might be a little too late now. It looks like the makeup community is over the matte and jumping back on the more comfortable cream lipsticks and lipglosses. But liquid lips will always be my first makeup love, so even though I, myself, am not as obsessed as I was before, I still grabbed a pair to test out!

Before I share my thoughts about the formula, I have to spend a few words on the packaging. It is gorgeous, just in line with the latest luxury looking packaging we’ve been seeing from the brand. (It’s the same as their 3D lipglosses, by the way). But man, I hate the shape. It might not be a problem for most, but when you own 100 lipsticks and like to see everything in place like I do, these aren’t practical at all. Okay, rant over.

I was very surprised to see the colour selection. I’ve always been the very first to always complain about the fact that every new KIKO launch featured the same pink and red shades over and over and over. To see not only blues and browns but green and black made my weird little heart oh so happy.KIKO Liquid Lipstick

Now onto the formula: it’s not liquid in the true sense of the word, but thicker and almost mousse-like, but still lightweight. Which I find almost always makes a formula more comfortable than the true liquid ones. In fact, this is one the most comfortable I have ever tried. In spite having constantly dry lips I almost don’t feel the product being there. For longer periods of wear, I do become more aware of the presence but I don’t have that ‘omg my lips are about to fall off’ feeling that you’re bound to feel with this kind of product.

It dries quickly so you don’t have to wait forever to move the lips. But not too quickly where you can’t take your time being precise and worrying about it drying too fast. Although the colour changes significantly from wet/in the tube and once it’s dry. (On the website the colour in the shade selection squares is pretty accurate). If there’s one fault with the product is the fact that it can apply streaky if you’re not careful.

Today I’ve been wearing Rosy Chestnut (02) since 7.30 AM. I applied two coats on the bottom lip because it went a bit streaky. Even with multiple layers, surprisingly didn’t feel any less comfortable. I reapplied after lunch on the centre of the lips and only at around 6.30  it started to feel a bit gross and sticky. But I think 11 hours is more than enough, especially for this kind of product. And even then, it doesn’t crumble and flake off like I know some liquid lipsticks can.

I still feel like they took a little too long to release this. But I do appreciate the fact they actually took time to work on a decent formula rather than jumping on the bandwagon and release a horrible product like some brands (cough, cough).

I know I’ll definitely check out more shades in the future, especially that forest green!