Juno Lemon Drop Sponge

Now, listen. Look. I know I just posted this brush review saying I’ve been converted to brushes, BUT. I do tend to prefer sponges just because they’re just that easy. On a day to day basis, I use cream products and ideally using a single tool makes everything just faster. Problem is, I have been having a tough time with them lately.

My main issue is coverage and the fact that with a wet sponge I can’t really layer much product as the sponge tends to absorb the majority of it. But Juno sponges claim to be different. So when I saw Juno sponges on BeautyBay I decided to give them a go.

Lemon Drop. A velvety tear shaped sponge. Ideal for blending liquid, cream and powder products into the skin.

The Juno sponges are unlike any other sponge on the market. These are microfiber sponges, they look and feel velvety and fuzzy. Once you wet it and squeeze the excess water out of it, it retains the moisture and doesn’t release it as much as a normal sponge does. It doesn’t absorb too much product either (it does if you apply directly liquid on it, not if you use it to blend). The fact that it doesn’t release much water is great, helps layer product without lifting or absorbing any. But there’s still a bit of moisture added in, which is why I like using sponges in the first place. Best of both worlds by Hannah Montana plays in the background.

This sponge, the Lemon Drop, is very very soft. The other ones should be tougher as this one claims to be softer than the others in the line. But it’s actually softer than all the other sponges I have now too. I haven’t had a Beauty Blender in my hands in a while. But if memory serves me right, it’s just as soft.

I have really enjoyed using this sponge lately. It made me ignore all my other ones. Which reminds me, I should probably throw out anyway because it’s time, girl, it’s time.

As I was literally about to write that I would definitely repurchase because I love it so much and it’s so cheap, I noticed the price has risen from 5.50€ to 7.25€. Still not crazy expensive, and still totally worth it, but obviously liked the price tag better before! Honestly, though, there as so many sponges on the market that are much more expensive and this is up there with them in terms of quality. So it’s still a steal in my opinion!

Have you tried the Juno Lemon Drop Sponge?