How to Master Cream Contouring

how to master cream contouring

Ever tried cream contouring and ended up wiping all your face makeup off? Well, I have. After years of trials and errors, I have finally found my solution on how to master cream contouring.

No matter the kind of product you use, how you apply and the tools you use are very important. I used to pick up the cream with a brush or use stick product to draw the usual stripes you see in every contouring chart. That way, no matter the product, the cream always ended up lifting or looking patchy. Maybe because by the time I picked something to blend it out, the product already set, maybe for some other reason, but nothing ever worked for me. Any kind of brush or a Beauty Blender ever managed to make my contour look decent. Until I finally found the trick.

All I ever needed to do is pick the contour directly with a wet blending sponge. I just swipe the sponge a little bit over the product to pick up enough for one side. Then I place the cream directly over the middle of my cheek. And then I blend immediately upwards and bring the remaining product over the temple and to my forehead. This way it blends just seamlessly. Repeat for the other side of the face. No patches, no product disappearing like it was never there. Just perfectly blended contour.

The tricky part is to be precise, as sponges tend to be big and bulky. That’s why I like to use the Eco Tools Perfect Blender Duo. With the sharp edges both the big and the small are perfect for this task, as they allow me to blend the contour while maintaining a nice line. Of course, using any other blender works just as fine, but you might have to clean up with some concealer if you happen to blend too far down.

 Try it yourself!