face halo makeup remover

Face Halo: the makeup remover that changed the game.

As much as I love trying so many products, it’s extremely rare that I find products that change my routine and become a necessity. Face Halo did though.

So what is Face Halo and what does it do?

Face Halo is a makeup remover pad. It’s made of what they call HaloTech fibers which essentially are extremely thin microfibers that loosen with water. These tiny fibers are able to reach into your pores, removing makeup better than any other remover. You can literally feel how clean your skin is after just one swipe. The crazy thing it only needs water with absolutely no aid of cleansers and chemicals.

One of the things I love the most about it is that is obviously reusable. You can either wash by hand or in the washer (make sure you don’t use softener though). I’ve been using it for a few months. I usually wash with soap (the same basic unscented that I use to clean brushes) after every use and then in the washer once a month. While now it looks a little bit more battered and doesn’t feel as soft, the performance is the same as it was on first use.

It’s double-sided so one pad is enough to remove completely even the heaviest of makeups. Even it wasn’t, you can easily wash it and use it again as it needs to be wet anyway. It takes away the toughest makeup, from mascara and even liquid lipstick (which is what I’m wearing in the pictures). The only downside it’s that it cleans so well that after I use it my face feels completely stripped. No big deal, because I’d rather be sure that my skin is clear. I’ll just treat it afterwards during my usual skincare routine. But most times I just add some cleanser or micellar water to the Face Halo straight away. That way my face doesn’t feel as dry.

Is it worth it?

Yes. I do think this is the best alternative for makeup removal. I never liked makeup wipes, and it always took at least 2 cotton pads to remove the bare minimum. So I reduced my waste exponentially when I started using Face Halo. Each of these can last up to 200 washes and they’re sold in a pack of 3 for 20€ (17.95£/22$) so for me, there’s some monetary saving as well. And it takes a lot less time and rubbing, and my skin is thankful for that.

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