How to Embrace a Rainy Day

How to embrace a rainy day

I’m in my bed trying to nurse this horrible back pain that forced me to the ER last Saturday night and all I can hear is the pouring rain. And even though I’m pretty much stranded here I can’t help but feel happy and relaxed. Because that’s what rain does to me. But some people don’t seem to feel the same way about. Actually quite the opposite. There’s not a person I know that does like the rain as much as I do. So I thought I would share with you the things I like to do to embrace a rainy day. And, hey, maybe next time it rains you’ll feel a little better!

Have an at-home spa session

To me, rain is the universe telling me “it’s okay, relax”. And when I think of relaxing first thing that comes to mind is a bath. Or a shower. But a bath is always better. I’ve been obsessed with bath bombs even before the first Lush store near me opened. I don’t think there’s even a best and worst one, so whichever one you have should do the trick. One I recently enjoyed, especially in terms of scent is the Dragon’s Egg. A very safe choice is always Butterbear. It’s not as out there as the other ones, but the scent is so relaxing but also mild. It leaves the skin feeling so soft and buttery, you can never go wrong with it.

And while you’re at it might as well throw on a hair and a face mask. I hardly ever buy hair masks because I don’t see any results. Instead, I just cover my hair in coconut oil and that always does the trick. One of my favourites face masks are the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks. Especially the Detox and Brighten one always leaves my skin cleansed smooth and especially not any drier than before. Which clay masks usually tend to do. If you can’t be bothered with applying a mask the Tony Moly and Garnier sheet masks are amazing as well. They always help a great deal with hydration and my face always feels so plump after I use them.

Get organised

If you don’t want to slack off completely getting organized is a great idea. Bullet journaling is amazing. You can plan and keep track of whatever you want, however you want. You can go the simple way and write and map out the essential, or you take the artistic route and be as creative and colourful as you want. I can promise the time spent putting everything together and writing it down will make you a lot more productive in the long haul. And it is a great way to relax without making you feel like a complete lazy head.

Kick your feet up

Light up some candles (I have been looking for the Autumn Yankee Candles, but I haven’t been able to find them) and warm up something to eat. Tea, hot chocolate, popcorn, grilled cheese whatever comfort food is your favourite. If you want to keep it healthier, I have been making these cinnamon apple chips that I’ve been loving.

Reading is something that I have always enjoyed doing, but that I don’t feel I do enough of. Whenever it rains, though, I’m always much more inspired to pick up a book and bury my head into it. Nothing just beats the sound of the rain while reading in my opinion. Currently on my reading list are Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake and And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Picking up something you already know you love is a great choice too. I can guarantee nothing will feel cosier than your all time favourite.

If you’re not the reading type, then you might just want to binge-watch a TV Series or a few movies. Lately, I haven’t been able to get into new stuff. So, I always go back to my favourites: Friends, Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter. Or Mean Girls, duh.


What do you enjoy doing on rainy days?