Comfortable Matte Lipsticks from the Drugstore

comfortable matte lipsticks from the drugstore

It’s no secret that matte lipsticks are my first love in this crazy makeup world. But I can admit that sometimes they can be a pain. Not only for their drying effect but because quality can be expensive. So today I’m going to share with you some gems from the drugstore that are much more comfortable than liquid lipsticks.

essence matt matt matt lipstick

I have to admit that I had no faith in this lipsticks, but boy was I wrong. The colour selection is kinda basic. There are a few nudes a few reds and a couple of dark plum shades. But the formula is so incredibly pigmented guaranteeing even application. Even though it is a matte formula is not too drying (just slightly) and it doesn’t tug on the lips. It really lightweight as well. The longevity on the lips on its own is great. Although it’s not transfer-proof whatsoever, so it’s bound to fade after a few hours after drinking and eating. The finish is not the mattest matte you could find, but it’s a great compromise for the comfort and no shine.

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipsticks

This formula is a little creamier, therefore it appears a bit shiny when first applied. I find that the shine goes away after some time, without getting dryer though. Because it is so creamy the application is as smooth as any other creamy lipstick would be. That being said it doesn’t lose anything in opacity. It does wear off more easily than the average matte lipstick. But, contrary to most, layering doesn’t make it feel heavier nor drier. The full colour shows through on the first swipe. The shades available differ depending on the country (sadly) but the range in the US is amazing. My favourite colour is hands down Divine Wine.

NYX Soft Matte Creams

More of a whipped formula rather a liquid one, so not as drying on the lips in my opinion. The one con about these is that they tend to not be as pigmented as I would like, especially the darkest shades. So I always pair with a similar colour lip pencil underneath or apply two coats. But because of that, they feel very lightweight and soft. When I do have a long day (10+ hours) they do start to get drying, but not before then. I think you can see for yourself how amazing the colour selection is. It is Nyx after all.

NYX Matte Lipstick

These are definitely not as creamy as the Maybelline ones, and they do tug a little bit. Nothing I can’t get over, personally. But they are more opaque than the Lip Creams. The formula is a little heavier than all the other listed above. But once they’re on the lips they don’t get dry and flaky. The shade Charmed is pretty much always on my lips.