Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

When I saw that Charlotte Tilbury came out with the Hollywood Flawless Filter I wasn’t completely sold. Like what is it supposed to be? It’s not a foundation, not a primer, not a highlighter, it’s… nothing? Or is it everything?!

What is it?

It didn’t take long to get me on board with this. Yes, some people would consider this product an extra step. But to me, it’s such a fun, versatile product. I love playing with makeup and the Hollywood Flawless filter represents exactly what I love the most about makeup. It can be used in so many different ways and I loved discovering each and every one of them.

You can use this an all over primer under your foundation for a glow that shines through. Perfect from that glow from within look.

Or it can be used as highlighter, either underneath the foundation or on top. Hell, it looks great even on its own. Personally, if I were to wear it underneath I would go with a lighter coverage one,  because I don’t want to cover the glowy effect that this product gives.

It does come in 7 different shades, I was scared I got the wrong shade, but since it blends pretty much sheer, the match doesn’t really have to be exact.

It’s a pricey product, but you get a lot of value for the money, especially considering how little you need to apply.

Application and finish

The application is so easy, the applicator is a giant doe foot that picks up the perfect amount of product. I love blending it with my finger (I want to waste as little as possible, obviously!) but a sponge works really good as well. It works fine with brushes as well, but it loses a bit of glossiness so it’s not my preferred method of application.

For my daily look, I love dotting my cheekbones and swipe what’s left on the applicator on the bridge of my nose, on top of my foundation. This way I get a really subtle glow that lasts all day. For a more extreme shine, I can just apply more product or layer it without a problem. In fact, I find that it layers beautifully on top of itself, but also the various foundation formulas I’ve tried it with.

I love that it’s not glittery at all, it has a very glossy effect. But it’s not sticky either, making it really wearable. I’m having a really good skin period, but I don’t find it to emphasise the few imperfections and bumps. In fact, it looks like my skin is blurred, which is probably why they named it filter.

The shade I picked up is n.2 (Light)

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Look at that shine! Pictures don’t do it justice, honestly. This product has easily made my top 3 all-time favourite products in no time. I’m so so happy I decided to pick it up!

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