Bullet Journal Essentials: An Amazon shopping list

Bullet Journal Essentials

I have a secret to share… I love bullet journaling. A year ago, when I started this blog all I was doing was buying notebooks and filling them with post ideas, notes and everything floating my mind. I soon realised that it was all way too messy and I never ended up looking back at it. When I found bullet journaling I instantly fell in love.

To put it very short, it’s essentially a planner that you create to fit your needs. Now I am able to keep everything organised and the best part is that I can change the layout depending on what I need and what works best for me as I go. It’s nowhere near perfect (which is 100% the reason I’m not sharing my monthly setups yet) but is helping me in a big way. Not only that but I just love browsing and finding inspiration from other people’s journal. (I’m constantly pinning on my Pinterest board if you wanna take a look).

Today I have gathered everything you might need to make an amazing bullet journal.

The Journal

Of course, the main feature of a bullet journal is the bullet. Of course, it’s not a requirement, but the dotted pages really help when it comes to planning the setup. I would not be able to make everything so precise that quickly, so for me, they are a must as I am a bit of a freak about that. I currently work on a Moleskine journal, but the pages are too thin for my liking. They’re ok as far as I write but when I add colour everything shows through. As soon as I finish this one I’m switching to Leuchtturm1917, which doesn’t seem to have that problem.

Pencils and Erasers

I already mentioned I’m a precision freak. As much as journaling relaxes me, the thought of messing up gives me a bit of anxiety. So, I normally do everything I’m not sure of with a pencil, so I can erase or go back with a more permanent material.


This one is pretty obvious, but I actually like having different choices depending on what I want to do. I like a finer tip to draw lines or writing in smaller spaces, a thicker tip for bolder titles whatever it might be.


I don’t mean those obnoxious highlighters that we all used at school, no. Stabilo recently made pastel coloured ones and I love them. They’re just the perfect way to introduce a touch colour to the journal without going too crazy.

  • Stabilo BOSS Original Highlighter Pastels – 6-color Set
  • Zebra MILDLINER 3 pack

Washi, Washi, Washi!

Washi tape is one of my favourite things. Not only it’s one other simple way to add colour and character to the journal but sometimes it’s also very helpful. If I ever make a mistake, or I don’t like how a writing turned out, I just cover it with tape and nobody will know it was ever there!

Adhesive roller

Can’t tell you how much I love this thing. It’s such a foolproof way to glue stuff. One swipe and everything’s set. No mess, no glue bumps (or does that just happen to me?). Plus when a spread goes horribly wrong, I just stick the pages together so I can just restart from scratch.

Rulers & Templates

Of course, the dotted pages help a lot, but freehanding straight lines is still a nightmare. Can’t hurt having a little help, especially with circles.

  • Fiskars 12 Inch Wooden Ruler
  • BCP Set of 2 Clear Green Color Plastic Measuring Templates Circle Square Triangular Geometric Rulers

Brush Pens

I wish I was one of those calligraphy people, but as much as I like it, I’m so horrible at it. Brush pens make it seem a little easier though. I’ll just keep practising but if I fail, the coloured ones look just as amazing for colouring (I’m a sucker for watercolour).

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Marker
  • Brush Pen Set – 12 Colors – Soft Flexible Real Brush Tip

Do you have a Bullet Journal? What do you use?