5 Best Products from Kiko Milano

5 best products from kiko milano

Kiko was the brand that first introduced me to makeup. The only makeup available to me were a few products from L’Oréal and Maybelline so when the first Kiko store opened a few towns over I lost my mind. I was in the early teenage stages back then, so I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup just yet. So I started going crazy with nail polish… At the time Kiko sold them for 1€ a bottle, and they had pretty much every colour of the rainbow. Pretty soon my room looked like the nail section of the store itself.

Growing up, I started to venture into more and more products. First black eyeliner, then mascara and before you know it here I am with a decent sized makeup collection. With time I discovered more and more brands but nonetheless, Kiko remains one of my most shopped brands still. After countless hours spent in the stores, looking and swatching, I’ll be surprised if you can find a product that I haven’t tried yet. So today, I gathered my top 5 Kiko products of their line (excluding all the limited edition products for obvious reasons).

I have very dry skin, so I obviously picked this up as soon as I read ‘hydrating’. I wrongfully thought it would be a dewy finish, but it’s not. It’s more of an in between. Definitely not matte but not exactly dewy either. But it keeps my skin from getting dry and cakey for the whole time I’m wearing it. The coverage is light, buildable to medium but nothing more in my opinion. It’s very comfortable and it also wears really well throughout the day. I’m usually very picky about my foundations but this managed to get repurchased three times, so that’s saying something.

This is my number one eyebrow product ever. As long as you keep it sharpened (it comes with the right sized sharpener) it’s super precise. I can achieve the most natural full brows in just a few strokes. The formula is a little waxy and not super pigmented, which would be a big no-no for every other makeup pencil, but it’s just what you need for brows. The lasting power is amazing, as I’ve gone full days with my brows on point until the end of the day.

Best of Kiko Milano: Gossamer emotion creamy lipsticks
Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipsticks in shades 106 and I’m pretty sure it’s 104 but the number rubbed off so I can’t confirm

Kiko recently went on a full revamp of their lipstick lines and as a long time customer, I was super sad to see the old ones go. But with this creamy formula, they made me change my mind very quickly. These lipsticks are incredibly creamy and super comfortable. They keep the lips hydrated and last for a fairly long time before fading gradually. Even the darkest shades are very pigmented. And the packaging is just to die for, so practical, yet so luxurious.

Best of Kiko Milano Water eyeshadow
Kiko Water Eyeshadow in shades 208 and 212

Although these have been on the line for as long as I can remember I only recently gave in. They are one of the most expensive eye products (in comparison to the others, but it’s still nothing crazy) so I always put off buying them. Thankfully Kiko always has some kind of sale, so if you wait long enough, you don’t have to get anything full price (or you can use their reward system, I just got 30€ worth of makeup for free). When applied dry these shadows appear sheer, but if you wet the brush before picking the product up the pigmentation is on a whole other level. Either way, they apply smoothly and last for really long. Every shade looks amazing, almost like liquid metal. Also, the shade 208 is said to be an exact dupe of the coveted Mac Whisper of Gilt, so there’s that.

Best of Kiko Milano 3d hydra lipgloss
3D Hydra Lipgloss in shade 18

I’ve never been a fan of lip glosses, so much so that I’ve never even owned one of the old selection. But this line changed my thoughts completely. Before, I thought that different coloured glosses were useless because they would always show up sheer on the lips. Wrong. Obviously, they do have some sheerness to them, that’s the whole point, but the colour actually shows up with a single swipe, even the lighter ones. But pigmentation aside I could never stand the stickiness and uncomfortable feeling I always had on my lips. Well, this formula is almost unnoticeable. My lips always feel smooth and moisturised every time I wear this gloss, which is all my dry lips ask for.

best of kiko milano swatches
T-B: 3D Hydra Lipgloss 18, Gossamer Creamy 104 and 106, Water Eyeshadow 208 and 212 with a dry brush then wet.

What’s your favourite Kiko Milano product?