April 2017 Favourites

April 2017 Favourites

Aaaaand, it’s that time of the month again! Here’s everything that I loved this April!


essence Princess Lash Volume Mascara

I mentioned this product before as one of the best from essence. Ever since I wrote that post I started losing lashes and I’ve been loving this even more. With any other mascara, I feel like my eyes are bald. But with the Princess Lash, I almost feel like I’m wearing false lashes. The natural looking kind, but still.

April 2017 Favourites essence lash princess volume mascara

KIKO Milano Tropic Heat Dewy Stick

This stick from Kiko is probably my favourite out of the bunch. It gives such a good natural glow, which is great for me because I have the dryest skin. I love it mostly for no-makeup makeup days where I pretty much want to trick everyone into thinking my skin is capable of producing oils. I’d suggest picking it up with a finger and then tap on the high points of the face. Swiping gives a most intense look but lifts the product underneath. It’s also long lasting and stays in place during the day, which I didn’t think it would. The only thing I hate is that it’s limited edition.

April 2017 Favourites kiko tropic heat dewy stick

Maybelline Colour Sensational Creamy Matte in Clay Crush

I only picked this up a few days ago, but it’s all I’ve worn since. To be fair, I already loved the formula, so I was sure I was going to love it. It’s a warm peachy brown, which I’m always all for. It achieved everyday shade status and I think it’s going to stay there for a while.April 2017 Favourites maybelline clay crush

April 2017 Favourites maybelline clay crush


Primark High Waist Acid Wash Jeans

First of all, these were stupid cheap (I love Primark). When I bought them I thought I was getting a spare pair of jeans to keep in the closet ‘just in case’. They fit great. I’m really short and everything is always too long for me, but these are just right (I’m sure they’re supposed to be cropped for normal people, but whatever). They’re also super comfortable, meaning that I can sit down without risking the zipper breaking, but they hold everything in at the same time.

H&M Metallica Tee

Few reasons I love this shirt: It’s nude. It’s simple. It’s a Metallica tee, which is one of my favourite bands ever. It doesn’t have some sort of skull or creepy print that has people giving me weird looks. I can throw it on with everything and I always feel cool.


itslikelymakeup on YouTube

Jordi has very quickly become one of my top favourite YouTubers. I’ve been following her on Instagram for a while, and have always loved her looks. But since I started following her on YouTube I completely fell in love with her and her personality. She’s super talented, creative and funny. On top of it all, she’s always very honest and straight forward. If you don’t follow her already, what are you waiting for?!

The Used

They were my favourite band as an (emo) teenager. Have to admit, the lyrics are super depressing but I’ve been having such a good time listening and singing to these songs after such a long time.

April 2017 Favourites essence lash princess volume mascara

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I don’t think there ever will be a Marvel movie that I don’t like love. They’re always so amazingly done and this one was no exception. The jokes and the funny moments are always so perfectly placed. Not gonna spoil it, but I might have shed a few tears as well… And how fricking adorable is Baby Groot??

What were your favourite things this past month?