7 Reasons I can’t wait for Fall

Reasons I can't wait for Fall

It’s no secret I loathe Summer, which means I’m always excited for it to end. On top of that Fall is my favourite season, therefore I’m twice as excited for September to arrive. So today I thought I would share all my favourite things about the upcoming season that I can hardly wait for.


The main reason I hate Summer is that I can’t do anything without melting due to the very high temperatures. The thought of finally being able to function again is super exciting. Especially because I can go back to wearing all the makeup and clothes I want without worrying about the weather.


Fall fashion is definitely my favourite. My favourite colour to wear would be olive green and burgundy (aside from my trusted black), which just scream fall to me. I love layering. And jackets. Leather jackets, jean jackets, parkas, … Counting down the days till I’ll be able to wear a sweater and dust off all those pretty boots that are just sitting in my closet.

TV Shows

I’m a TV junkie and it’s no secret that Fall is the best season for TV. Notable mentions: How to Get Away With Murder, This is Us and Stranger Things. Super excited for Stranger Things. Did I mention Stranger Things? Also, can’t guarantee I’m not going to watch the 10 seasons of Friends (for the 6th time in 3 years)

The Make-Up

Just like fashion my favourite colours to wear would be what most consider fall colours. Deep reds, burgundies, purples and oranges are my weakness. I do wear them all year-round, but at least I feel less out of place this time of the year.

The Candles

I only recently became obsessed with candles. I blame all the Bath and Body Works Hauls all over YouTube. And of course, now I have a collection for every season of the year. Even if I love them all, even the fruity ones that have been lit all summer, there’s just something special about the warm cosy autumnal scents.


I’m not a horror kind of person, but Halloween is still one of my favorite things about the season. I can’t wait to see the makeup YouTube tutorials that will flood my feed and all the costumes and plan my own. To me, Halloween is celebrated all month long, especially in my reading watch list. Mystery books and movies are always a must for me and the umptieth viewing of Hocus Pocus is already set on the calendar.

Rainy Days Reading

Reading is enjoyable anytime and place for me. But when I’m doing it in the cosiness of my own house, wrapped under a blanket with a hot chocolate at hand and the sound of the rain against the window it just gets so much better.