5 Must Haves to Survive a Long Flight

survive a long flight

I’ve done quite a bit of travelling in my life and flying has always been a struggle for me. With time I learned what helps me the most to get through it. I figured I could share and hopefully, I can help you enjoy even the one of worst parts of travelling!

Comfy Clothes

I’m all about fashion and style, but when it comes to flying and travelling sometimes I just need to sacrifice a little. There’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable and when you are sitting still for hours and hours, you are bound to feel that way. To help the uneasiness as much as I can leggings and a t-shirt always help. Comfy breathable sneakers are also a must. I’ve found that I’m often cold on planes so a sweatshirt is always with me.

Music and Noise Concealing Headphones

I can be a very intolerant person, especially when forced to share my space with strangers. People can be loud and impolite and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. Noise concealing headphones have saved my life once before in a 5 hours flight when I ended up being surrounded by noisy kids.


No matter how much digital entertainment you might bring or your flight offers, devices might have to be shut off sometimes. A good old book never runs out of battery, providing a way to pass time even when everything else fails.

Hydrating Sheet Mask

Even when you don’t have skin as dry as mine, flying takes a toll on your skin. Dehydration on a plane is a guarantee. I try to drink as much as I can to keep my whole body hydrated, but I like to give attention specifically to my skin too. Sheet masks are great for that because they don’t need much effort. You put the mask on, doze off for a little bit, and you just throw it out when you’re done.

Wet Wipes

Planes can be gross, especially in economy class. The number one thing I hate is being constrained in a place where I feel uncomfortable. The thought of other people having spend hours where I sat and not being sure how actually clean it is, kills me. Even worst when I can see the dirt. As long as I have a way to clean everything I can enjoy my trip a little more comfortable.