5 Best Products from Essence

5 best products from essence

Essence is one of few brands that I looked down on at first. I’m not a snobby person, hell, 90% of my makeup is from the drugstore. But every time I saw their display I couldn’t help but feel iffy. How could make up that cheap be any good?

Only when I heard my favourite YouTubers spend a few good words on their products, I decided to finally give it a try. And boy, did I eat my own words.

Now there isn’t a time that I’m not holding at least one essence product when I’m at the drugstore checkout line. Of course, like any other brand, they have some products that I really enjoy and others that are a complete fail. Even though I haven’t tried out everything that they offer (it would be impossible, they’re constantly releasing and discontinuing products), I have tested a fair share of their line. Enough to have found not only my favourites within the brand but my favourite amongst all the makeup I’ve ever tried.


I haven’t found a blush line from Essence that I didn’t like. Whether it’s in the Satin, Matt or Silky finish, every blush is perfectly pigmented and blendable. But they’re not too pigmented either, just enough to add colour to your cheeks but too much to leave pink stripes across your face. They last for a really good time too.


These lipliners are super smooth and really comfortable. I can’t even feel them on my lips and they stay in place all day. I used to hate buying lip liners, I always saw it as a “waste” because I was going to cover it with lipstick anyway… Just like any Essence product, these liners are ridiculously cheap, so that’s not even a problem anymore. The wooden pencils are said to be really good as well, but they’re never in stock, so I can’t compare.


The packaging of this mascara is a little out there… But I don’t even care because this is the first volumizing mascara that doesn’t clump together my lashes into 4 spikes. Plus it’s actually volumizing and the only non-waterproof mascara that holds the curl, so my lashes don’t end up flat after 5 minutes like they always do. Also, it doesn’t flake off.


I’ll never buy expensive nail polish for two reasons:  I’m too lazy to paint my nails most of the time and if I did I would change my mind on the colours every couple of days. These polishes apply smoothly, the brush is wide so they cover the nail in one swipe. They dry quickly and are opaque with two coats. They are pretty long lasting. I can wear them a week without chipping if I’m not trying to take off my phone cover or something like that. And the colour selection is amazing.


I picked this up on a whim, just because I finished every other base I owned. None of them ever did anything for me, after a few hours my eye makeup creased without fail. I realised that this product was legit when one late afternoon, 10 hours after I did my makeup, I got compliments on my eye makeup. I quickly checked in a mirror, only because I thought the lady was trying to make fun of me. The eyeshadow looked just as it did when I applied that morning. Never stopped using it since.


I mentioned this product briefly before, in my latest favourites. Since I have dry skin I avoid using powders as much as I can, but sometimes I just have to. This spray just takes away all the cakeyness that the powder caused, making my base look smooth and hydrated. Plus it keeps everything together for the whole day.


This is by far the most loved essence product in my collection. Not only it holds the brow hair in place, but, thanks to the fibers inside, it thickens it so that the brows appear fuller, but still natural. The application is always precise because of the tiny brush.


What are your favourite Essence products?