3 Fall Eyeshadow Palettes

3 Fall Eyeshadow Palettes

Fall is finally here. And with that, my favourite makeup is coming out of the drawer and making its way to the everyday vanity. I’m a firm believer that you can wear whatever makeup you want whenever you want, but some shades just look better when they’re surrounded by cosy sweaters and yellow leaves. Today I gathered 3 fall eyeshadow palettes that are just so appropriate for the current season.

I chose these palettes specifically, other than the colour selection, for their versatility. Each of them has a range of shades that allows creating looks for any occasion. From muted everyday office look, to evening smokey eyes to something more unique and fun.

3 Fall Palettes
3 Fall Palettes


First up, my one and only, the ABH Modern Renaissance. This palette is the realization of my grunge dreams. Those red and pink shades not only scream fall but also Gerard Way emo makeup, which is what I’m all about. But if you’re not an emo kid like me, no worries, because these shades work insanely well mixed with the other shades, both for neutral every day and evening looks.

3 Fall Palettes: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette


This one has a lot less variety since the shades are all pretty much the same with different intensity. It is a naked palette after all. But these kind of burnt brick shades are exactly what I want to wear when Fall comes around. Even if the shades are not the standard neutral, they’re not too out there either. This makes every shade in the palette wearable for an everyday look. But there are also those shades that, when used more intensely look so so special.

3 Fall Palettes: Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette3 Fall Palettes


I really wanted to include a cheap option in this list and this palette is just perfect. This not only has the classic colours we all associate with fall, the oranges and reds, but also a couple of purples and greens which are also very season appropriate. This is hands down the one with the most variety out of the tree, allowing a lot of different colour combinations. The quality in both matte and shimmers is really great as well.

3 Fall Palettes: Soph x Revolution Extra Spice Palette

Of course, I have so many other palettes that I love, Fall is after all my favourite season for makeup. But these three are what I consider must haves.

What are your favourites products for fall?