2019 Favourites


Another year’s come and gone which means it’s time for some good old yearly favourites. My first I think, mostly because my memory sucks and when I try to think back it’s all a blur. This year it’s much more clear, maybe because I’ve been boring? Or maybe because I finally found my ride or dies. Either way here we go.

Foundation: Mac Face + Body

This has been my go-to throughout the whole year. I won’t go into much detail because I already reviewed it here. But it’s great for everyday, effortless and natural.

Concealer: Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Another one I already reviewed, so I’ll keep it short. It’s such a great concealer not just for the under eyes but for imperfections as well. The matte factor has always scared me, but since July I’ve been having the worst time with acne and this is the only product that manages to cover completely without accentuating texture. I love it.

Blush: MAC Powder Blush Gingerly & Milk Lip + Cheek Perk

I’m a blush junkie, I rarely go without it. Powder wise MAC Gingerly has been my go-to. It’s buildable, easy to blend and such a gorgeous colour. But ever since I laid my hands on the Milk Lip + Cheek, especially the shade Perk, I haven’t been able to use anything else. I have been obsessed with cream stick product all summer after all. This formula is very sheer and glossy, which isn’t for most people. But personally I love it.

Bronzer: L’Oréal Back to Bronze

I found this bronzer in summer last year and since then it’s been a staple in my collection. It’s not shimmery but not completely matte either, has a nice satin finish that I much much prefer. The colour is just perfect for me, just in between bronzer and contour, it’s not too cool but not too warm, so I’ve just been using to define and give a bit of life to my face.

Contour: Fenty Match Stix Amber

As I mentioned before, this year I’ve been really into stick products. They’re easy and quick. I already talked about this formula here. This is a different shade which is perfect for contouring because it has a much cooler tone.

Highlighter/Primer/Mixer: Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter Light

I’m sure I sound like a broken record by now, but this product is my absolute favourite out everything I own. It’s so versatile and never ever fails me, my skin always looks beautiful no matter how I use it. The full review is over here.

Eyebrows: Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Deep & ColourPop Brow Boss Gel Clear

Benefit’s pencil is the best I’ve tried yet. Glides on smoothly but it’s not too creamy that slides around. The ColourPop brow gel is really thick at sight but lightweight when applied and isn’t crunchy. I have pretty untamable brow hairs but this keeps them on check for a fair amount of time.

Brushes: Sigma Dimensional Brush Set

This brush set converted me from a being a savvy sponge user to never needing to use one ever again. I can hardly believe it! Not only do I love the unique shapes of these brushes, but each of them gets the job done so beautifully and so quickly. Should have a full review on these up soon.

Mascara: Milk Kush Mascara.

This mascara stole my heart this summer, and I’ve been using it ever since. I love the fact that it’s not too wet but it doesn’t apply too clumpy. It makes my lashes look great and full and healthy. Doesn’t crumble and never smudges (only transfers a bit when I don’t set concealer). The only thing I would change is the brush. I love the shape but it’s way too big and most times I apply mascara all over the lid.

Eyeshadow: none

I have to be honest… (not that I’m usually not). I don’t ever wear eyeshadow and when I do, I have so many palettes and singles that I never really use the same shadows too many times. Nothing this year really stood out for me to point it out as a yearly favourite.

Lips: ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip Zuma

I really love this lipstick formula, unfortunately, I only have this colour. But if I only could have one this would be it. The formula itself is weightless and even if the finish is matte, it doesn’t feel drying. I love the blotted effect and the colour is my perfect nude. It’s definitely been my everyday nude for the whole year!

Skincare: Inkey List Retinol & Dr.Jart+ Vital Hydra Sleeping Mask

This year I really got into skincare (or rather I was forced into. thanks so much adult acne, really appreciated!). One of my favourite finds was the Inkey List Retinol. While I tried a couple of other things from the brand and loved each one, this one really takes the cake. My skin is noticeably better ever moring after I use this. And unlike other retinol products, I have used this is less aggressive and less dehydrating than most. But the results are still there.

Most times I use it in combination with the Dr.Jart mask, which I’ve loved for a while and still did this year. I love it because it dries almost instantly, so I don’t’ have to go to bed with a sticky face. But in the morning my face is so hydrated and plump. I got one of these for my mom and she loves it. Trust me, she never likes anything, especially if I’m the one recommending it. So you know it’s a big deal.

Lip care: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

It feels like every other lip sole purpose is to further dry lips. But not this one. This one is magic. It feels like the lip version of the Dr.Jart face mask. It absorbs quickly and has great results.